A radically changed schools curriculum with strong emphasis on practical sciences and field studies has created strong demand for a range of fun outdoor ‘Learn To’ products that satisfy the new field study focus of the schools curriculum. Learning activities based on observing creatures in their natural habitat l include Mini-Beast Safaris, Pond-dipping, Fishing, Wild-life Sketching, Fresh Water Sampling, Soil Sampling, Learn about lichens. Ballybay Wetland Centre also offer a programme of field-study days that will enthuse and enlighten teachers. The Centre also provides a Centre for universities and third level colleges have their field-trips .


Primary Schools

Offering a broad programme directly tied into the schools curriculum, over school calendar year and largely divided into two age categories:

With additional seasonal activities: (for example)

  1. Metaphorphosis / frog life cycle/ frog spawn, tadpole
  2. Caterpillars, moths & butterflies
  3. First animals out of hibernation
  4. Rushes & St. Brigid Crosses
  5. First flowers and plant adaptation
  6. Wetlands Walking on Water
  7. Life in the Wetlands
  8. Wildfowl
  9. Migratory Flight Paths & Swan Mythology; Children of Lir
  10. Summer Birds
  11. Nests in hedgerows
  12. Autumn berry picking



Secondary Schools

Leaving Cert

Practical Field-Programme to satisfy:

  1. Biology/ Ecology
  2. Geography
  3. Agricultural Science

Intensive Programmes in laboratory & field work



Transition Year

Modules offered:

  1. Horticulture for a day
  2. Landscape Concepts
  3. Tree planting
  4. Native Grasses
  5. Ordnance Survey & mapping
  6. Planting for moths , butterflies
  7. Biodiversity and European Legislation
  8. Protected Species Listed on the Annexes
  9. Wetland Vegetative Studies
  10. Pond Life & Microscope Use
  11. Photography
  12. Water Colours
  13. Creative Writing with residential writers from Annaghmacarrig & MCC Arts Officer, Monaghan Museum
  14. Place Names/ Loganimeacha and Townlands

Development of 3-D Landscape Model,
integrating Geography, Ordnance Survey,
Art, Irish language.